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‘Welcome to a new kind of game source’ is not simple-minded phraseology, I mean every word of it. I have been designing and playing games for years, you name it and I’ve played it and/or designed it! In fact the most lethal statement I make at any time is: I think I could do better… And so here is my attempt.

How Games Are Presented: One game will be presented at a time on the home page. All game rules, control sheets, and playing pieces are in English. I will always present plenty of info on the game and any special equipment you might need; such as miniatures etc to play the game. You never know what will be presented until it’s released, could be Ancients, Role-Playing, Board Wargame anything! I know: ‘does this bird think he can write to anything’? Well here is a fun and free way to find out!

How You Get The Games: Simply click the center image showing current game release. You will receive a PDF download. You can always request past games by email and if possible I will fulfill the request. Make sure you state the game you're looking for by title. All downloads are complete. Only ONE download will be provided to each email request.

Feedback: I want to hear your ideas, complaints, questions, desires, (but most of all compliments ) on each and every offering. I hope you regard yourself as a play tester and participant in the Raven’s Games Project. Everyone is welcome, but obscenities, nasty sarcasm, and insults are banned. Constructive criticisms is always welcome.

Conventions/Clubs: Raven’s Games is eager to support local and regional gaming conventions and clubs. Please email us with requests, questions, and ideas.

Links: Our links page is available to you as long as you exchange and display our link promptly on your site, I promise I will do the same. You don't have to wait on us! Use the HTML script below to display our link. Don't worry about asking permission before linking to me - I like being linked to!

For a simple text link, just cut and paste the HTML code below into your page:

<a href="">Raven's Games </a>

which creates a link like this:

Raven's Games


If you want something a little fancier, try this:

<a href=""><img src="rvns_banner.gif" alt="Click to go to Ravens Games" /></a>

and then right-click on the following graphic and save it in the same directory as your webpage calling the banner ravns_banner.gif:

The Newspaper: Check out the newspaper often! I post Raven’s Games Project news, questions and answers, errata, ideas, upcoming events, and much, much more! My Newspaper is a great resource for announcements, news, and events for your convention or club. Just email your information and I will present it in the Newspaper as quickly as possible.

Tip Your Game Designer: If you enjoy my games and wish to aid the Raven’s Games Project stay in business please donate to the cause using our Paypal button. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

Tell Your Friends!: Let people know I’m out here!

All requests subject to my approval.


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